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Windsong Resort for Pets




  Cat Condos:

      Because cats enjoy ‘vertical’ living, each condo offers 3'x4'x8' of indoor space, with attached private garden patio enclosures of the same dimensions - for fresh air lounging, and lazy days of bird watching (that’s 192sqft). Atrium lighting is warm and soothing. The condos have lots of different levels and perches, and cozy den-like hiding places to retreat or just curl up for a nap. One of our cat condos is attached to the lobby with engaging views of daily activity. All of the cat suites include climbing trees, daily cleaning of the litter box, fresh water constantly available and feeding to your specifications.

  • Cat condo rates: $20/day
  • Additional cats in the same condo: $10/day

  Cats have a safe and fun time at Windsong, as you can see in this slide show.

     We require our feline guests to be vaccinated against Feline Leukemia(FeLV), Feline Distemper, and Rabies. Long haired cats require combing to prevent matted fur and may need salon services, brushing included if staying 5 days or more.

     At check-in, we ask for contact information for each guest’s regular vet. In case of emergency illness, we will first try to take your cat(s) there.

     If you’d like to bring your cat’s own food, we only ask that it be bagged into the correct portions for each meal and clearly marked. We try to keep our guests on the same feeding schedule they enjoy at home. We generally feed morning and late afternoon or early evening, but we will gladly accommodate other routines. We monitor the water consumption of each of our guests, checking and refreshing so that your cat will have fresh water available constantly throughout his or her stay. We will administer medications or vitamins. Please be sure any medications are clearly marked with dosage and frequency.

     To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you make your reservation as far in advance as possible, especially for the busy summer and holiday times. We do book up quickly! No deposit is necessary, but we do ask that, if your plans should change, you cancel promptly as a courtesy to those who may be on our waiting list.

Call today to set up an appointment and discover Windsong Resort with your pet: 760-233-5060

Cats can enjoy the view from thier indoor/outdoor patios and catch up on their bird watching.

Cat Grooming is available in our Full Service Grooming Spa'w', please call for rates and appointments. A lion trim or clip down could be just the thing for a cooler and breezier summer, also don't forget about flea and de-shedding fur treatments.

Right at home in Windsong Cat Condos


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